How to Determine the Difference in Towing vs. Payload Capacity

Still not sure about the differences in towing vs. payload capacity? Today, the crew here at Forest Chrysler Dodge Jeep is going to make sure you don't confuse the two again.

Payload capacity is what you are going to be carrying, not towing, with your vehicle. So, if you place ten bags of groceries in the cab, you increased the payload. If you just dropped a pallet of stone pavers for your driveway in the bed, you increased the payload.

Now, towing capacity is what you will be pulling and is impacted by the strength of the suspension and frame. If you are pulling a car that is tied to the bumper of the truck or have a trailer with a boat connected to the hitch, you increased the towing capacity.

Bring the truck to our service center here at Forest Chrysler Dodge Jeep and we can get you on a routine maintenance schedule so your truck runs without issue all year.

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