How to Deal with a Car That Squeals

Cars can make all sorts of funny noises from time to time. Bumps and groans, grinds and clacks, high pitched squeals and squeaking can all be common sounds one hears. Sometimes they don't mean a thing, it is simply moisture or some other component getting started. But if you hear a squeal that begins every time you start the car and stops after a while, it is time to bring your vehicle into Forest Chrysler Dodge Jeep to have your serpentine belt looked at.

The serpentine belt helps transfer power from the engine to the cam shaft, which is what causes your car to move in the first place. It is made of rubber and wears down after a while, needing to be replaced at regular maintenance intervals as specified in your owner’s manual. Generally, once the squealing begins it is time to replace it as well.

If a squealing noise or any other is persisting in your vehicle, be sure to reach out to Forest Chrysler Dodge Jeep for helpful advice and service. We are always here to help.

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