How Do You Know If Your Car Battery Is Dying?

Without a properly functioning car battery, then your vehicle is going nowhere fast. It won't even start up if there is no charge left. That is why our team here at Forest Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Forest, MS is here to give you the basics about testing your car battery.

A voltmeter is the most common tool to test a car battery. It connects to the positive and negative terminals of your battery when the car is turned off and reads back the voltage going through the battery. Any reading of 12.3 volts or more is considered a good battery. If it falls below that level then you should see a service center as soon as possible.

If you would like us to replace your next battery for you then feel free to give our our service center at Forest Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Forest, MS a call to schedule an appointment with our extremely knowledgeable and fairly priced service team.

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