My Lease Is Ending. What Should I Know?

If your lease is coming close to its end, then you should know the options you have available to you without feeling rushed to make a final decision. Here are some of the actions you can take:

If you really like your leased car, you can choose to buy it out. Often times, the lease will have a specified buyout price. An advantage to this option is that the payments you made on your lease will go towards the purchase price of your vehicle. This is also a smart option if you have driven over the mileage limits specified in your lease. By buying your vehicle out, you will avoid penalties for going over the mileage limits. Plus, you will finally get to own your vehicle.

Another option is to simply hand over the vehicle you have leased and lease a new one. We at Forest Chrysler Dodge Jeep would love to earn your business, so stop by and talk to our finance team on the financing options available to you.

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