Prepare Your Car for a Long Holiday Road Trip

The time for you to be anticipating any issues on your holiday road trip is before the car rolls out of the driveway. The following information from the Forest Chrysler Dodge Jeep service team will help you to have your vehicle in the best shape to handle the long holiday drive.

Pack an emergency box and keep it in the trunk. This box should include some road flares to alert drivers you are disabled and flashlights in case it happens at night. Bring tools like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, pliers, and wire cutters. Keep a set of jumper cables in the car in case the battery fails because not every driver on the road is traveling with these cables to help you. Packing them in the car means the first vehicle that rolls up can get you jumped and then back on the road.

Come down to our Forest, MS service center and our auto techs will give your car a complete holiday check-up.

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